Principal's Message

Cowell Area School was originally established as a primary school in 1892. It shifted to its present site in 1912 and became a higher primary school in 1930. The school was granted area school status in 1961. Our school currently provides enriching learning opportunities for students from Reception to Year 12. A dedicated team of teachers support learning across wide ranging curriculum. Our academic and vocational curriculum is available under Curriculum on this website.


Cowell Area School works and operates through 3 sub-schools. These being Reception to Year 6, Year 7 to Year 9, and Year 10 to Year 12. As children progress through each sub-school they are exposed to a strong and rigorous curriculum in a supportive and caring learning environment. As students progress through our school they have the opportunity to choose academic or vocational subjects or a combination of both. Students at Cowell have been highly successful in their learning due to the school’s commitment to providing for their needs. This is underpinned by quality teaching. As a school delivering vocational opportunities, Aquaculture , Boating and Doorways to Construction are taught along with more traditional vocational subjects.

Cowell Area School has modern and well kept facilities that include a Technology Studies facility, our Aquaculture trade training facility, science lab, art room, home economics centre, computer room, swimming pool and library. Students have access to various forms of IT within the school and students have access to the internet through our wi-fi and regular school networks.


Students in school elsewhere are able to study offerings at Cowell Area School with learning delivered by video conferencing and other Information Technology methodologies in subjects such as Geography, Aquaculture, Physics, Chemistry, History and Doorways to Construction (D2C). We believe our school to be a vibrant provider of learning for its students. Please do not hesitate for contact us at Cowell should you require further information

Mrs Julie-Anne Byrnes